Third time’s the charm! XEROX Issue 3: October

It’s a small world. These words are often uttered, particularly in Guernsey, where you can’t meet anyone without discovering that you’re incestuously related to them in some way. Nevertheless, looking at the contents of Xerox issue 3, it might well be true.

Our articles cover happenings in the art world in locations as diverse as London, Brighton and Guernsey, but there are unexpected links between them all. It’s a bit like an obscure ‘Connections’
round in a dodgy game show.


And the odd one out is...

And the odd one out is...

The Brighton Photo Biennial 2008, reviewed by Toot Sweet, is curated by Julian Stallabrass. When he’s not busy curating, Stallabrass does a spot of lecturing for Lady Muck and new contributor Southern Fairy. In his book Art Incorporated, Stally slags off the celebrity culture surrounding the Turner Prize, which happens to be the subject of Lady Muck’s article Turnip Eyes. Turnip Eyes is what happens when you rub Branston Pickle over your face.

This kid clearly has a bad case of Turnip Eyes

This kid clearly has a bad case of Turnip Eyes

In ‘Hirst’s Art Market Pickle’, Southern Fairy goes undercover to reveal the dark secrets of Damien Hirst, the Turner Prize winner of 1995. The year before that, the winner was Anthony Gormley, a speaker at the recent Art and Islands Conference at Castle Cornet, which is also a featured article in this issue. The Brighton Photo Biennial 2008 is an example of a small-ish seaside venue holding an internationally important art event – a bit like the ones discussed at the Art and Islands. ‘The Guernsey Can’, Rostone’s article this month, has very little to do with biennials or art prizes, but the cans could probably be used to make a pickle in. Phew!


The art world - fits right in the palm of your hand

The art world - fits right in the palm of your hand


Guernsey, an island, is a small world. Maybe the art world is a small world too. Or even an island. We’re confused now. Anyway – enjoy!

All our love,
Lady Muck & Foxy Paw

XEROX Issue 3


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