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Giant Lego Man Hits London

A giant lego man recently found on Brighton beach has migrated to London to form the more intriguing part of a light-weight street art exhibition in East London.

Washed up Lego on Brighton beach

Washed up Lego on Brighton beach

This afternoon – a miserable, rainy affair – I was wandering down Dray Walk, home to the Old Truman Brewery, when I was suddenly and mysteriously drawn in by an image of a grossly oversized Lego figure. Stranger things have appeared on the streets of East London, but I was intrigued by the slogan on his chest: No Real Than You Are (“What?? That doesn’t even really make sense!” I muttered to myself).

I had unwittingly stumbled upon Outside In, an exhibition that follows the trend of bringing big names in street, such as Mighty Monkey, into the safe confines of the metropolitan gallery space. It’s the first show of curators Prescription Art. I’m always sceptical about the commercialisation of street artists, and when I stepped inside, my fears it might be a shameless money-spinner were confirmed. Prices were as grossly oversized as the strangely intimidating Lego man. We’re talking £300 – £3000 for the more mundane works of artists who, whilst fairly well-established, don’t really make my heart beat any faster. The best work was probably Bortusk Leer’s weird child drawings. Observe:

Bortusk Leer's work on the street

Bortusk Leer

Having said this, the 6ft-tall Lego man has boundless novelty value. He’s actually the product of Dutch artist Ego Leonard’s fertile imagination, and has undoubtedly proved a potent publicity stunt. The vibrant fella has not only been discovered ‘washed up’ on Brighton beach, but was also found on a shore in Holland last year. That’s a pretty unlucky history of shipwrecks. Here’s hoping his spell indoors at the Old Truman Brewery will give him some time to recuperate, and think about his next move a bit more carefully.

Learn more about the show and artists at www.prescriptionart.com

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